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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Celebrity Baby Bumps

I had a great time perusing all of my weekly celebrity magazines this past week. Lots of good stuff! The biggest "is she preggers?" mystery is Nicole Kidman. There were bikini shots of her on her honeymoon and I must say she looks fabulous. From the front, I thought no way is she pregnant. But then, there as a side view and what looked like a small bump. She actually looks pregnant with a "six pack"! I did not know that was possible. I can not relate even a small bit. A positive pregnancy test has always meant bloated belly for me. We'll see..... what do you think? Is Nicole expecting?
I just read that poor Mariska Hargitay finally gave birth. Did you see a picture of her a few weeks ago? I honestly have never seen such a BIG baby bump. She was a week overdue and then gave birth to an almost 11 pound baby! WOW! I also went overdue last summer with my daughter, but thankfully she was just a bit over 8 pounds. Congrats to her and her hubby.

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