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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hip Diaper Bags for Dads

Okay, so the cute diapee & wipee I last featured is not exactly for everyone. I try to get my husband to carry it around when he is running errands with our 11 month old daughter. "Absolutely not!" he says. Not just because it is pink with big brown dots, but also it doesn't have room for the 20 diapers he insists on carrying. What is it with dads overstocking baby supplies?? He runs to Costco and insists on bringing lots of diapers and wipes, 2 changes of clothes, etc.. (oh- but no snacks! Go figure!). I am getting away from my point, but really what is it with dads?? So I just was introduced to this wonderful and useful contraption- The Dr. Moz Pa Pa Pack. It is an all weather, nylon daddy diaper bag with a built in changing pad and diaper/wipes holder. And it looks cool! Very masculine. You can also find on his web site a CD-ROM of baby lessons that are dad-centric including definitions set to a fun parody of the famous Godfather mobster epic. And what guy can't relate to that? Visit their web site to check out all their daddy gifts.

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Angel said...

There's something really cute about daddies carrying diaper bags. Although, it's probably best if the bags look masculine enough so they wouldn't be embarrassed to carry them around. A cool, hip, personalized diaper bag will do the trick. It also helps if it's big enough so it can carry not only diapers but also baby accessories, clothes, and other basic necessities. Actually, these would make great gifts for dad.