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Friday, December 22, 2006

Announce Your Newborn's Debut Here For FREE!

We found a great website for our readers to post birth announcements. I remember how crazy busy I was after the births of my children and I just couldn't find the time (or energy!) to post pictures (eventhough all my long distance relatives were begging for pics!). So this is a wonderful opportunity- Dr. MOZ will do all the work for you and it is FREE! We are alo big fans of their products and they have lots of good stuff for dads. Perfect holiday shopping for the dad in your life!! Check out the Dr. MOZ website and their postings of adorable new babies. Here is what they offer:
We at Dr.MOZ know that new parents don't have the time to send their newborn's
picture to their entire collection of friends and family directly after birth, so we've taken the work out of sending early baby birth announcements. Simply shoot your baby picture to Dr.MOZ using an easy three step process and tell your friends and family to visit Dr.MOZ's Baby Birth Announcement page. It is free, easy, and we can usually post your birth announcement in under 48 hours!

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