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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tot Trends Weekly- Online Source for Tot Fashion

I get asked two questions very frequently when I tell people what I have been up to lately. First, "where do I find time to have my own business with a helpless 1 year old and a very active 4 year old boy?" My response to that is always- "if you love what you do, it will rarely feel like work". I FIND time because having my baby boutique is my passion and I really enjoy it. Second, people ask "where do I find my inventory?" Aside from lots of research and cruising the internet, I turn to this great e-zine, Tot Trends Weekly. It is full of up and coming kid/baby designers and also has great leads for retailers. Even if you are not a retailer, it is chock full of good information! I like it because it features some little known items and designers as well as all the popular ones. Best of all, it is free! They even send out coupons on a regular basis and check out their cool seasonal shopping guides. Subscribe today if you want to keep up the latest in baby fashion! To subscribe, go to

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