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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hands Free Mobile Light Source for Mom

I so wish I had my hands on this product when I was a sleep deprived-up every 2 hours- breastfeeding new mom! I needed just a small light to nurse my babies in the night. A nightlight did not work because it disturbed my baby when she wasn't eating and actually trying to sleep. And we know how precious that time is! Finally- a solution from Mommy Bee Happy. Introducing a 100% hands free light source- the Babeebrite. Some of it's benefits include:

  • 90 degree adjustable arm

  • battery saving 7 minute auto-off (also an excellent tool to time breastfeeding sessions)

  • removable clip adjusts to surfaces up to 1 " thick

  • adds ease to nighttime activities such as diaper changing, midnight feedings, etc.check on baby without disturbing anyone

  • clip onto your pajamas/shirt pocket

You can get one for yourself at or call 866.846.2068 toll-free. What a great idea and this is actually a baby product that can be used even when they are not babies anymore!

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