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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Babysitter Place Tile

If you are like me, when you finally find a babysitter and your schedule finally coordinates with your hubby' forget to write out all the important details for the babysitter. So then you are digging for a scrap of paper and a pen that actually writes......Well- no more! Introducing The Babysitter Place Tile. This is a large 7" ceramic square with fill it it blanks such as contact info, allergies, medications, and important notes (FYI from one mom to another: I suggest writing your kids weights here. If you need to contact poison control or other emergency personnel- they will find this info very helpful!) The best part is you can erase it with windex! This tile retails for $29.95 and even includes a marker attached to the back for added convenience. You can buy one today at

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