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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Most Favorite Customer

Meet my favorite customer and her adorable girls. Stephanie was one of my first customers. She called me one day searching for a sling. She was one of my first customer calls and I can remember trying so hard to not let on that I was brand new! Thankfully, she did not notice how absolute "green" I was. I did not have the size she needed, but we ended up chatting on the phone. A few months later, I was pleasantly surprised to see her register on my site. She has been back several times, called to chat, sent me photos of her cuties, referred me to her friends and family, and introduced me to Moxie Moms (hence my new partnership with this fab group). In other words- she is a dream customer. However, I no longer see Stephanie as just my "customer", but a true friend. She has been so supportive and celebrated each and every step in my mompreneuer adventure. She is what every mom and woman needs- a fellow mom/woman who celebrates and encourages without judgement. I know she truly wants me to succeed. She has given me more support than even some of my own family members! She recently sent this to her Moxie Mom group (I swear I did not bribe her!). "I just wanted to share that I have been shopping with Avannabel Baby, a new MM business partner, for about a year and a half. They have very cute products - from clothes to hair clips to great gift ideas for new moms and babies. Jennifer, the owner, is fabulous, and she will help you out in any way she can. I have no affiliation with this boutique - just wanted to share my experience." I know if Stephanie were to ever visit Northern California, we would just be two moms spending time together laughing and sharing stories. I am continually amazed at the friendships I have formed via my business. I finally realized that 90% of my customer base is just fellow moms, like me wanting the best for the kids. One great story to share is my loyal customer Tracy from New York City. She bought a birthday hat from me about a year ago. She needed it overnighted and was over in London on business. I detected her worry and assured her the gift would arrive in time. The hat was sent to her good friend, Amy for her daughter's 1st birthday. A few weeks later, Amy ordered from me as well. We ended up chatting in an email about Tracy and how she brought me Amy's business. Both Amy and Tracy continued to purchase gifts from me the rest of the year and we kept in touch with little tidbits of our lives. Tracy is now expecting her first baby and she registered with me for her new baby gifts. Her sister-in-law called to order a gift and we ended up chatting as well. Tracy and Amy just emailed me to say how they were discussing me at her shower and how they all felt like we were old college buddies. I take that as a huge compliment- these terrific ladies have truly become friends of mine. I have several other stories like this and just have to say it is the best part of my job. I have really enjoyed being a part of my customer's pregnancies, first birthdays, etc. A big Thank You to all my loyal customers!

Note to Stephanie: If you ever move out this way-You are hired!


TheMuscatoHansens said...

So excited to have found your retail site last night and am enjoying reading through the blog! What is the Moxie Moms? I googled it and found many different tags... I would love to find a group of Moms to converse with! Thanks!

Joelle said...

I just found your blog. Love your store too.
I'd love to be able to design something for your boutique one day. ~ Something special for wonderful customers like the ones you just mentioned.
Such a sweet story. They make it al worth it!!!
Best Wishes ~