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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Most Popular Baby Names of 2008, **according to us**

We do lots of monogramming these days (mostly for 1st birthdays) and I must say about 10 names continually stand out in popularity. Really, we do not mind- these sames names do not need to be set up in our monogram software as we do them again and again! Makes it easy on us. So expect to hear the following names in the kindergarten class of 2012.

In no particular order, here are the 10 girl names we monogram the most:
1. Ava (by far, the most popular!)
2. Ella
3. Hayden
4. Maddy, Maddie, Madelyn and other spellings
5. Kate, Katherine, Kaitlyn, Catherine
6. Kylie
7. Isabella, Izabella, Isabel, and nickname Bella
8. Emma
9. Lily
10. Gracee, Gracie

**honorable mentions**
These are lesser known names gaining popularity
Emerson, Rylie, Reese, Julianna, Eliana, Alana

If you are searching for a unique name, you may want to steer clear of our list!


mrseric said...

What a great list! Thanks so much for posting.

LA said...

Great list! I love the name Ella, too, and Madeline was my aunt's name, so it's on my list if I were to have a baby girl. My sister-in-law is due any day now - and the new babe will be Isabella. When did we all become so trendy? Gah.

Saskiathesalsafairy said...
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Zenchukovskiy said...

Ava?? I'd never thought that it's a popular name...
I'm writing a essay paper on this topic and I think this info is useful for me.